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YUDHBHOOMI | Female Soldiers Set

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For the 1st time ever, finally we have Miniature Indian war toys! Oh wait, we are only making it. 

The Female soldiers are so cool. At loss for words to tell you how awesome they are, the pose, the aggressive look! 

Many many days and sleepless nights later, after pouring our heart and brains into the design, finally we are these soldiers are here, like in real. 

They are so beautiful. When you hold them in your hand, you will be transported right on to the battlefield and start giving each of them a personality (that's we did.)

They will be out at the end of December. 

So here's what's cool about these toys. You get to do the following:

1. Buy both Male Soldiers set and the Female Soldiers set. That's a lot of soldiers actually. And make a very cool army formation. (More the soldiers the better). And admire your creativity

2. Buy a the YUDHBHOOMI game set and challenge your friend's or families' army on the battlefield. (Mostly your luck, after playing this game 1000s of time we have realised, we cannot predict the outcome of the war even till the last soldier still standing)

3. In the works:

  • A physical landscape with 3D objects that you can build to place your soldiers on. Looks Epic! (Trying to make it look like the Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings map)
  • We are half-way with the Augmented Reality app. You can shoot a video with epic effects influencing the scene you've created.
  • The Fort! That magnificient Fort! (Based on nostalgia, playing with the He-Man's Castle Greyskull and GIJoes play sets) with a book full of real battles from Indian History. 
  • Mounted soldiers. On horse back and elephant back. 
  • And a chariot! Well, the General needs a cool ride!
  • Produce another set in a different color. 
  • And Action figures, fully pose-able and with interchangeable weapons. (We prototyped it, looks so cool)

We are already having way too much fun with these toys - designing and testing them. 

We are as excited as you are to get them!