INDUS | 1-5 Players | AGES: 8+
INDUS | 1-5 Players | AGES: 8+

INDUS | 1-5 Players | AGES: 8+

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Game Design Collaboration with Amit Ghadge (Crimzon Studio).

Duration: 45 - 60 mins. 

Indus Valley Civilization (also known as the Harappan Civilisation) has been admired for its urban planning, baked brick houses, water supply systems, and new techniques in making artifacts.

INDUS is a civilization-building game: Add terrains or choose to collect resources, strategize as per City Building cards to maximize victory points. However, true to history, calamities strike to try and destroy parts of your meticulously planned city. Can you ensure your city thrives?

INDUS follows flip and write mechanism and is a brain-stimulating game that lets you build your civilization brick by brick (literally!).