Our Toys are tested for Safety!

If you were wondering why suddenly there's a slump in toys on the racks? Because a year ago the Govt introduced a much needed mandate for toys that were imported to be tested for safety, blocking 1000s of crores worth stock stuck at customs. We are prepared. We got our first product thats launching next month certified for safety. hashtag#ecommerce hashtag#entrepreneurship hashtag#journey hashtag#toys hashtag#import



Comic-Con 2018 Bengaluru was epic! We setup our 1st ever DICE Toy Labs Stall purely for Consumer Research. Got deep insights from 1000s people who played with our toys. This was extremely valuable. Insights on Price, Demand, Age groups, etc. Watch the short highlights video of 2 days of awesomeness! 


What's common among Game of Thrones, Cars 3, Hidden Figures and Incredibles 2? They all have 'Bad-ass' ....

Here's the complete answer, "They all have 'Bad-ass' Women!", in other words, the protagonists are all women with epic personalities. These TV shows and movies are just a few among many others. This movement of changing the narrative of movies and TV shows, is not a trend but is a major requisite. What's even more awesome is that this is now a world-wide trend, the need of the hour, to communicate gender stereotypes and how exposure to such media, moulds the young minds of the world. And we need this even more in India. It's not too late to start a movement here. Our kids need this awareness more than ever. Gender Neutrality and Gender Equality is about treating male,...


How many of these toys have you played with?

A friend of mine showed me this paper clipping from a 2013 Hindi news paper. For foreign viewers, this picture has names of toys in Hindi. This clipping curated, basically shows the year in which the toys were launched in US, Europe and Japan primarily. And may be 70% of them never made it to India. And whatever managed to enter India, launched almost a decade or in some cases a couple of decades later. Here's the full clipping. If you noticed the last few years before 2013, it's mostly Digital Engagement. Now, a little insight. These are toys that were among the ones which were a hit that particular year. This infographic was originally designed by Abby Ryan Design....