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PLANTATIONS OF KARNATAKA | Build a thriving Coffee Plantation | Ages: 8+ | 1-100 Players

PLANTATIONS OF KARNATAKA | Build a thriving Coffee Plantation | Ages: 8+ | 1-100 Players

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Karnataka´ coffee production is especially renowned for its classic method of cultivating the seed and the cautious care the farmers pay to bring the best cup of coffee to the table. Are you up for the challenge and maintaining the best plantation in the whole state across its different districts?

In “Plantations of Karnataka” players will be assuming the role of coffee farmers and move around their plantations aiming to harvest as many coffee beans as possible.


Maintain the best coffee plantation and harvest the largest number of coffee beans before running out of moves.


Design by Juan Agustín Maiolino (2021) for the 2nd Roll and Write Contest

Components Required: Printed sheets and pen/pencil for each player. 2 Dice of different colours. 

Brought to you in the form of a printable do-it-yourself board game, you can now play the game in the safety of your home.

Download this awesome analytical game in an instant.

Designed for 1-100 players aged 8+, this fast-paced game will help improve spatial visualisation, quick thinking and strategy skills.


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