Everyone deserves a toy – one that is both nostalgic and intelligent. One that speaks to them - that tells them that they could create a world that could possibly be!

At DICE Toy Labs, we are on a mission to make cool toys for India. Why? Well, because it’s long overdue and it’s high time we did something about it!

In a digital (read ipad-time) world that deprives a child of a purely, truly analog childhood of fun toys and spending quality time with family and friends – our DNA is committed to designing wholesome toys, that engage, stimulate and cultivate.

Of course, the toys are gender neutral! Why wouldn’t they be? In addition to being equally engaging for the kidults and parents, the DICE toys bring with them a unique benefit – you can repurpose them and recycle them!

Yep, we are insanely excited about this too! How cool, ain’t it? That we get to have plenty of fun and still be responsible?

So go ahead. Sign up with us. Relish the toys. Build and Engage – we’ll provide you all the nuts and bolts!

Let’s make Indian toys cool again! One toy at a time...

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