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Official Merchandise | Adults - Unisex

LOKA-AWAKENS is a new world of toys with Sci-fi Comics, Action Figures and Miniature city building kits (Dioramas) designed for us Indians. Because it's high-time India got some cool toys!


LOKA-AWAKENS is based in a post-apocalyptic era of a world (Loka in Sanskrit) which is affected by climate change and when humanity is just making a come-back - barely. But our planet has loads of secret treasures hidden away to be found. Each character is a hero defined by their super personalities.  

About us:

We at DICE Toy Labs are on a mission to make cool toys for India. 

Merchandise Description:

It's a cool black tee with a big 12" print in the front. 

It's a large beautiful durable print that is bound to attract everyone's attention.

Do you want to show off that you own merchandise from the latest trending pop culture brand from India?

Then this is for you!

So be the first ones to own it in India. 

Guess What! You are automatically entitled to get exclusive discounts on our first Product Launch next month!